Replacing Gravel Driveway With Concrete Driveway – Bainbridge Island.

Gravel driveway converted to concrete driveway - Bainbridge Island
These North Tolo Road Bainbridge Islanders were tired of the gravel driveway in front of their house. Speaking from experience, it is a recipe for dust in the house and a general mess during the rainy season. Things were worse in this instance as the garage would collect rainwater after every hard rain.

Concrete driveway installation - Bainbridge IslandWe were called in to change the surface from gravel to concrete and add a wide channel drain. This upgrade will not only keep the garage clean and dry it will also also save the home owner money since they won’t have to add more gravel every year.

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Point White Bainbridge Island Bathroom Remodel.

Preparation is at the basis of every remodeling job well done. Bainbridge Remodeling knows the best products and how they are suited to the environment of Bainbridge Island and the Kitsap Peninsula. Bathroom remodel project - Point White Bainbridge Island
This bathroom remodel completed last month near Point White, Bainbridge Island is the perfect example. From installing the WonderBoard to building a shower pan, the goal was to prepare for the work of a great bathroom tile man who demands that Red Guard waterproofing applied and set prior to any tile setting. Bathroom remodel project - Point White Bainbridge Island
Not only are the final results quite stunning, the Point White homeowner is secure in the knowledge that even better than the beautiful bathroom we’ve helped him achieve is the security in knowing that we never take shortcuts. Bathroom remodel project - Point White Bainbridge Island