Shingle Siding Cleaning – Crystal Springs Bainbridge Island.

Shingle cleaning - Crystal Springs Bainbridge Island

Living in the northwest, we all know that mold grows on wood siding. Rain snow, humidity and heat take their toll and it severely diminishes the look of the house. This is especially true for waterfront homes. We were called to this Crystal Springs home to clean the shingle siding and restore it to its natural beauty. There is a special way to do this job that we have perfected over the years. Using our method, the homeowner is assured that their home will not be damaged by overly harsh chemicals and their improper application.

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Deck Replacement – Port Madison Bainbridge Island.

Our customer, a homeowner in Port Madison, Bainbridge Island knew his 25 year old deck needed a facelift. We took his deck design, worked it up on our own software for precise measurements and gave him exactly what he had in mind.

We’re betting that all summer long, every morning he’ll stand on it and enjoy the sound of the water rather than grimacing at the squeaking of any planks beneath his feet. Elliptical wood deck - Port Madison Bainbridge Island
You see, we only use stainless steel screws–not nails–it is a detail that matters. Not only that, but the elliptical design assures him that he’ll get the chance to enjoy more sun, every day and not lose it to any shadow created by the house. Elliptical deck replacement - Port Madison Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Remodeling Group – Customer Testimonial Bainbridge Island

“The quality of Bainbridge Remodeling Group’s work and their communication have earned our loyalty.”

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Tree Removal And Deck Building.

Tree removal and deck building through Bainbridge Remodel.

Need unsafe trees removed for your new deck? Just make one call to BRG.

Bainbridge Remodel is often called in to make changes recommended by inspectors and other professionals to ensure he safety of the home. At this Bainbridge Island home we were called in to remove trees that were threatening to blow over in a storm.

Bainbridge Remodel is a full-service interior and exterior home remodeling company on Bainbridge Island. There is not an aspect of home care on Bainbridge Island with which we are not familiar. If we can’t do it, we’ll know someone who can. That’s why Iraj’s phone is always ringing. Leave him a message or text him at 206-817-1533