Rooftop Moss Removal Services – Bainbridge Island.

Rooftop moss removal service - Bainbridge Remodeling GroupWe are often called in to prepare homes that are about to go on the market. Among other things at this beautiful Tolo Road Bainbridge Island home we used liquid moss killer to clean up the asphalt shingle roof. Depending on where you live on Bainbridge Island or the Kitsap peninsula, this kind of maintenance should be done regularly. If you have more trees nearby, you’ll have more moss. We’re not afraid of heights, cold and wind and do this kind of work all year long.

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Replacing Gravel Driveway With Concrete Driveway – Bainbridge Island.

Gravel driveway converted to concrete driveway - Bainbridge Island
These North Tolo Road Bainbridge Islanders were tired of the gravel driveway in front of their house. Speaking from experience, it is a recipe for dust in the house and a general mess during the rainy season. Things were worse in this instance as the garage would collect rainwater after every hard rain.

Concrete driveway installation - Bainbridge IslandWe were called in to change the surface from gravel to concrete and add a wide channel drain. This upgrade will not only keep the garage clean and dry it will also also save the home owner money since they won’t have to add more gravel every year.

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Shingle Siding Cleaning – Crystal Springs Bainbridge Island.

Shingle cleaning - Crystal Springs Bainbridge Island

Living in the northwest, we all know that mold grows on wood siding. Rain snow, humidity and heat take their toll and it severely diminishes the look of the house. This is especially true for waterfront homes. We were called to this Crystal Springs home to clean the shingle siding and restore it to its natural beauty. There is a special way to do this job that we have perfected over the years. Using our method, the homeowner is assured that their home will not be damaged by overly harsh chemicals and their improper application.

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